Diversity in Speculative Fiction – Sessions
Loncon 3, the 72nd World Science Fiction Convention
Thursday 14 – Monday 18 August 2014, ExCeL London, UK


This is the full list of sessions with titles and panels in Loncon 3's "Diversity in Speculative Fiction" conference (academic programme track). The full schedule, including abstracts, is available as part of the Loncon 3 programme guides. Except where stated all of the sessions involve two or three fifteen-minute papers around a theme followed by a group discussion and Question and Answer session with the audience. Everyone is welcome to attend.

As well as a special session inspired by and involving the Guest of Honour John Clute, there will be two guest lectures provided by the Tolkien Society and the British Science Fiction Association. The Science Fiction Foundation are sponsoring a public reception.

This list is also available as a PDF.


Keynote Lecture

Affirmational and Transformational Doctor Who Fan Videos
Chair – Emma England

Special Sessions
Spin a Yarn, Add a Twist, Weave a Tale: Textile Crafts in Medieval London
(lecture with textile demonstration)

Sherlock Holmes and Science Fiction
(multimedia lecture)
Chair – A J Hall

Why Are Alien Languages Inherently Human? An Experiment in Sound Symbolism
(live experiment with audience participation, followed by an explanatory talk)
Chair – Paul March-Russell


Roundtable Discussions

Children's Literature
Chair – Patricia Kennon

The Bible and Speculative Fiction
Chair – Andrew Crome


Paper Sessions
Approaches to World SF
Chair – John Kessel

Reconceiving Representation in Theory and Practice
Chair – Sarah Dillon

Medieval Influences and Representation in SFF
Chair – Shyamalika Heffernan

Vampires and Identity
Chair – Margo Collins

Challenging Heteronormative Sexuality on Screen
Chair – Jude Roberts

Economy and Class in Literature
Chair – Jo L Walton

Science Fiction in Latin America and Spain: Narratives of the Political
Chair – Gay Haldeman

Visual Horror, Gender and the Monstrous
Chair – Deborah Christie

Digital Comics
Chair – Megan Waples

Classics in Speculative Fiction
Chair – Julie Hofmann

Gods in US Fantasy Television
Chair – Frauke Uhlenbruch

The Cold War in Russian and English Literature
Chair – Val Nolan

Mediated Boundaries
Chair – Jo L Walton

Representing Indigenous Cultures in Speculative Fiction
Chair – Ronald Meyers

Religion, Spirituality and the Occult
Chair – Paul March-Russell

Playing with Diversity: Games and Speculative Fiction
Chair – Esther MacCallum-Stewart

Playing with Science Fiction and Music
Chair – Andy Sawyer

Biotechnology in the New Wave
Chair – David Farnell

Science Fiction from the Outside
Chair – John Kessel

Sex and Desire in Literature
Chair – Jude Roberts

Views of London
Chair – Paul March-Russell

Gender and Sexuality in Young Adult Literature
Chair – Caitlin Herington

Inhabiting Imagined Londons
Chair – Gary Ehrlich

Imagining Britain
Chair – Tony Keen

Sexuality, Film, and Fans
Chair – Bethan Jones

Reading Iain M Banks
Chair – Val Nolan

Alternative Readings in British TV
Chair – Helen McCarthy

Battlestar Galactica Anniversary: Studying the Fans, Industry and Stars
Chair – Emma Anne James

Please address any questions regarding the programme to Emma England (emma.england@loncon3.org).