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Getting Around the UK

This section sets out some initial information, and places to find out more, on travel by:


Information on UK railway timetables can be found here, although some details will change in May 2014 when the summer timetable comes into effect. Different train companies operate on different routes in the UK, and there are a wide variety of different ticket options – depending partly on when you travel, on how far in advance you want to book, and on the specific route you take. The best value tickets usually go on sale twelve weeks before your date of travel, so prices before then might seem quite high. It's best to make a seat reservation for longer journeys where these are available, especially if you're planning to travel on a specific train.

People from outside the UK who are planning quite a lot of train travel during their trip to Loncon 3 might want to consider buying a BritRail pass. You might also find this website useful to plan train journeys both within the UK and more generally in Europe – and also for ferries, which could be of particular interest to Loncon 3 attendees planning to travel on to Shamrokon in Dublin.


The UK is a relatively small country, so flying from one part to another is often not a realistic option. However, for longer journeys, such as from London to Scotland or Northern Ireland, it becomes more feasible. Although the flights themselves are short, the time needed for check-in and travel to and from the relevant airports can obviously add significantly to the journey time as well as the inconvenience.

Most such flights are operated by “budget” airlines. They market themselves as being cheap, but the initial low price is sometimes achieved by classing many elements as “extras” with the result that the final price can be higher than first expected. Additional fees can include baggage, printing your boarding pass for you, and administration charges for accepting your payment – and these fees can be quite high.

So read the rules and conditions carefully before booking, assess the pricing policies and levels of service, and keep your eyes wide open; you can still find some bargains.