Art Show - Conditions and Cancellations

Pricing: As explained on the Sales, Fees and Payments page, a minimum bid price must be set on each item in the Art Show which is for sale. In addition, artists may optionally set a "Buy it Now" take-out price which will pre-empt the bid process and will also double as the after-Auction price for unsold artworks.

Reproduction Rights: Purchasers who wish to reproduce the art they have purchased must make arrangements directly with the artist. Purchasers are informed at the Art Show that the purchase of art does not include any reproduction rights.

Photography within the Art Show: Only the official convention photographers and supervised press (including TV) will be allowed to photograph the Art Show. Visitors to the Art Show will be made aware of this policy by means of appropriate signage at the Art Show.

Reproductions for sale: Single copies of fine art prints and other limited-edition works are allowed in the main Art Show. However, the Print Shop is the place to sell photo prints, etc.

Any reproduction must be clearly identified as such on its bid sheet. Please include the method of reproduction used (e.g., Cibachrome print, serigraph, hand–pulled silk-screen, lithograph, computer) and the copy number (e.g. #8 of 100).

You may not enter a copy of a piece in the Art Show for bidding that is also for sale in the Print Shop or the Dealers’ Room. This avoids any possible price conflicts between bidders and buyers.

You may post a notice on your panel that you have reproductions available in the Print Shop or in the Dealers' Room.



We understand that circumstances can change unavoidably. Please let us know immediately of any emergencies on the day, such as travel delays, so that we can arrange for late check-in.

If you do not cancel, do not warn us of delays, or do not show up, you will receive no refund.

We will refund your fees in full if we receive notification of your cancellation by 30 June 2014.

If you do not return your inventory information to us by the specified deadline (to be confirmed when we issue the art show forms), we reserve the right to resell your space.


"The Strawberry Thief" by Loncon 3 Attending Artist Sabine Furlong