Art Show - Display Space

We aim to accommodate all art offered for the Art Show, but equally we uphold the right to instigate limits whenever, in our opinion, it will improve the show. We have therefore set an initial limit on the amount of space that an individual artist or exhibitor can reserve, to ensure that the show remains as diverse as possible. In the event that space is still available as the convention approaches, we will offer additional space to artists who wish to take more than the initial limit.


2D Hanging Art

The basic unit of space is the pegboard “panel”, a hanging space that is 6 feet wide by 4 feet high (183 by 123 cm approx). A smaller panel (four feet / 123 cm square) is also available for those who have only a limited amount of art to display.

We intend to use a mixture of layouts to create attractive artist display spaces without a monotonous sense of continuously repeating units. The majority of the layouts will be double bays comprising two side by side (full size) panels at the "back" with one panel on each "side", as illustrated below. A double bay therefore provides a display area 24 feet long and 4 feet high in total. We will also have some narrower single bays (including for the Print Shop) and some zig-zag layouts (not illustrated below).


3D Art (including larger and free-standing pieces)

For 3D art, the basic unit is the “table” which is 6 feet long (approx 183 cm) by 30 inches deep (approx 76 cm).

We are also able to provide a limited number of mannequins for wearable art.

If you wish to show pieces that need specialist display (such as freestanding sculptures, items needing display cases, or large or unusually sized pieces), please write to us at so we can discuss possible arrangements and pricing. Please provide as much information as possible so we can find the most appropriate option to display your work.


Projected Art

For individual pieces of art larger than the 6 by 4 foot panel size, we can project your work onto the walls of the Exhibits Hall. You may then sell copies of this work on CD via the Print Shop.

For some artists, this may appeal as an alternative to shipping or travelling with large items.


General Conditions

Please remember that your reserved space, whether for 2D or 3D art, must allow for clearance between pieces and space for their attached bid sheets. Pieces may not extend beyond the edges of the panel or table.

Please note: it may not be possible to keep all work by a single artist together, particularly if you are bringing both 2D and 3D art (i.e. renting both panels and tables) but we will try to do so.


"The Invitation" by Loncon 3 Attending Artist Anne Sudworth