Art Show - Sales, Fees and Payments

Loncon 3 is following the standard Worldcon Art Show model whereby artists pay a fixed fee at the time of registration for their display space and Print Shop entries, and then a standard commission on sold work.

Artists will receive settlement after the Art Show, once Loncon 3 has received and cleared all buyer payments and validated all paperwork. Settlement will be based on the total received for sold work, minus commission and any agreed deductions (in particular, the cost of return shipping/postage for artists using the mail-in or shipping services).


Entry Fees and Commission

Our space reservation fees are as follows. Please note that all fees are inclusive of VAT (UK Sales Tax).

Please note that the full size and small panels are an either/or option. The small panel is designed for artists who only have a limited amount of art to sell and do not wish to take a full 6' x 4' space.

Refer to the Display Space page for more information on the display space and hall layout.

Commission will be charged at 10% (inclusive of VAT) on all sales. Note that artists will not be charged a separate or additional fee to cover credit card service charges.

The total fees collected go towards the Art Show’s expenses. This includes function space, security arrangements and guards, postage, credit card usage fees, office supplies, display furniture, extra lighting and A/V equipment, electricity, and our share of the general costs of the convention.


Paying for Your Display Space

As explained in the Basic Information, artists must first register using our online registration form. We will contact you to confirm your space allocation and at that point you will be asked to pay your entry fees.


Art Pricing and Sales, including "Buy it Now" Option

All sale prices and reserves will be posted in pounds sterling (GBP).


Payments to Artists

Loncon 3 acknowledges its obligation to pay each artist the monies collected from the sale of their artwork minus any fees and/or commissions stated in these rules and agreed to by the artist by their submission of a signed Art Show Reservation Form.

Prompt payment to exhibiting artists is of the highest importance to Loncon 3. Although payments are not being made to artists at the time of the end of the convention, our aim is to mail payments as soon as possible after the convention. As information becomes available, it will be forwarded to artists.


"The Once and Future King 2" by Loncon 3 Attending Artist Chris Achilleos