Art Show - Artist Mail-In and North American Shipping Service

Loncon 3 is providing a mail-in option for artists who would like to exhibit but cannot attend the convention in person. We also offer a consolidated shipping service for artists based in North America, reducing the cost and complexity of getting your art to London.

Any queries about these arrangements should be directed to the Art Show Directors, John Wilson and Serena Culfeather, at


Mail-In Art

We are accepting mail-in artwork for both the main Art Show and the Print Shop. This incurs an additional fee of £10 per panel / table plus the cost of return postage / shipping for your artwork.

Each accepted mail-in artist will be limited to a maximum of ten items on no more than two panels, plus up to one table, plus up to five different prints for the Print Shop.

The process for mail-in is as follows.

  1. Please start by contacting the Art Show Directors at and confirm that they can accept your mail-in. (We regret that we can only accept a limited number of requests due to the extra work created for the Art Show team.)
  2. Once accepted, reserve your space using the online registration form, and select "Yes" for the mail-in option at the end of the form.
  3. You will then need to make payment for your space, including the mail-in surcharge.
  4. Complete the usual Art Show paperwork (control sheets, etc.) and enclose these when mailing your artwork to us. (We will let you know when the forms are available.) An additional copy of the paperwork should be sent to us in advance so that we can enter your information in our database prior to the convention.
  5. We will provide mailing instructions (where to send your art and the date from which we can accept it) nearer to the convention.
  6. We will photograph your package prior to opening it in London, as evidence of the state in which it arrived.
  7. We will hang and display the artwork and sell it in accordance with your instructions.
  8. After the convention we will mail any unsold artwork back to you.
  9. When settlement is made for your sales, we will apply a deduction to cover the actual cost of the return postage or shipping.

If you mail your art to us without prior, written agreement, we will return it at your expense: there will be no exceptions.


North American Consolidated Shipping Service

We are pleased to offer a consolidated shipping service for artists based in North America. We will consolidate the artworks for all artists using the service into a single transatlantic shipment which will be handled by our shipping partner, Expofreight. This is the same approach that we used very successfully in 2005 and we are delighted that Jannie Shea has again agreed to act as our coordination point in the US.

The following Q&A is designed to help artists to understand and utilise the service that is being offered.

Q. How Does the Service Work?

A. Jannie will consolidate the shipping of artwork to and from the convention for artists based in North America, including those planning to participate by mail-in. Artists will need to arrange to ship their packed artwork and accompanying paperwork to Jannie in Oklahoma by 1 July 2014.

Jannie will then consolidate all of the artwork into a single international shipment which will be transported to London by Expofreight, a specialist in event logistics and international shipping. Artwork will be available in London for hanging on Wednesday 13 August (either by the artist, or in the case of mail-in, by the convention staff). At the end of the convention, unsold artwork will be repacked and consolidated into a single consignment for the return journey to Oklahoma.

Finally, Jannie will arrange for the return of the unsold artwork to individual artists. Artists will need to provide their return information, their preferred shipper and billing information. We expect art to be returned by early October 2014.

We have arranged for climate-controlled storage while the art is in Oklahoma.

Artists interested in using the service should contact us at We will then put you in touch with Jannie. Jannie will provide full details of required paperwork nearer to the time.

Q. Why should I use the Service?

A. Consolidation enables artists to ship their art to London for a much lower cost than can be achieved through individual arrangements. In addition, our use of Expofreight avoids the need for artists to deal directly with import/export procedures (although you will need to provide appropriate inventory information to enable us to complete the relevant paperwork).

Q. Who Can Use the Service?

A. Any artist (including mail-in artists) based in the US or Canada.

Q. What will it Cost?

A. Costs to the artist for using this service will be as follows.

(*) We will bring artwork in on Temporary Admission which means that we only need to pay VAT (UK sales tax) and duty on the work that is actually sold.

(**) Import VAT is charged at the same rate that applies to similar goods sold in the UK. The standard rate of 20% applies to most items however original artworks and some limited editions apply for a reduced rate of 5%. See the information at the end of this page for the exact definition.

Q. Why do I have to hand over my Art for so long?

A. We are using surface shipping to reduce costs. Airfreight would be much faster but several times more expensive and we believe this would make the service unattractive to artists.

Q. How Should the Artwork be Packed?

A. All artwork must be fully packaged as if it was being sent to the UK as a freestanding package. Loncon 3’s responsibility at the Oklahoma consolidation point is limited to loading the packages onto the pallet.

Q. What About Insurance?

A. The artwork will be fully insured while in transit from the US to Loncon 3, and while at the convention. Artists are responsible for insuring the artwork when they mail it to Oklahoma, and for the cost of any insurance that Jannie is requested to arrange for the return from Oklahoma to the artist’s location.

To support the insurance and protect the interests of all parties, we will photograph the art boxes on arrival in Oklahoma prior to consolidation; on arrival at Loncon 3, packed for shipping back to Oklahoma and on arrival in Oklahoma.

Q. How Do I Pay?

A. Artists will need to make payment of the additional per-panel and per-table charge prior to using the service. Payment will be online in Sterling through the Loncon 3 website. As noted above, the import VAT charges will be recovered by applying a deduction on on sales, and we will ask you to provide a preferred shipper and billing information for the return shipping from Oklahoma.


Reduced VAT Eligibility

The following items are eligible for the 5% reduced import VAT rate. This wording is taken from the HMRC website.


"Leap to Safety" by Loncon 3 Attending Artist Fred Gambino