Art Show - Forms and Lists

Updated: 22 June 2014

This page contains information and paperwork needed by artists taking part in the Art Show.

We have less than two months now until the convention and this page provides more information on the paperwork we need from participating artists to present and sell your art successfully. It also includes information on what to do if you are:

In addition, page has more information about what to do when you arrive at the convention, the Art Show schedule, and some of the art events to look out for while you are in London.

We will be sending a final email to all attending artists shortly before the convention with further details on driving directions, parking, how to find the Exhibit Hall, and options for mailing unsold art back from the convention (for those who are attending, but wish to ship their art home rather than take it with them).

In the meantime, if you have any questions about the Art Show at any time, please write to us at

The Cover Letter

Please download and read the enclosed cover letter (PDF format). This contains a full set of instructions and supporting information on the art show paperwork, pricing policy, mail-in, move-in and move-out arrangements.

The Paperwork

The Art Show paperwork comprises five distinct forms.

The Summary Sheet, Control Sheet and Print Shop Control Sheet need to be filled in and returned to us by Friday, 25 July so that we have time to enter all your artworks into our database before the convention. The Bid Sheets and NFS Sheets do not need to be sent in advance (unless you are a mail-in artist) - you should fill them in and then bring the printed versions to the convention to put up with your work.

We have provided all the forms in two formats. You can download a Microsoft Excel version which can be filled in electronically and emailed back to us, or a set of PDF files which can be printed, completed by hand, and sent back by regular postal mail. Emailed electronic versions are preferred as it saves us from re-typing all your information!


Portfolio Reviews

We are pleased to confirm that we have a limited number of slots available for Portfolio Reviews. Reviewers this year include Tor Art Director Irene Gallo and renowned artist Greg Manchess. If you would like to apply for a Portfolio Review slot, please write to We will allocate slots on a first-come, first-served basis.


"The Warrior Returns" by Loncon 3 Attending Artist Gary Wilkinson