Dealers' Zone

The Dealers’ Zone at Loncon 3

The Dealers’ Zone at Loncon 3 will be located at the heart of the Exhibits Hall. Main roads will run through the Dealers’ Zone from the hall entrances to other key attractions such as the Art Show. Side roads will branch off these high traffic routes. All roads will be named. The whole Dealers’ Zone area will be surrounded by displays, to create a traffic flow that will keep people moving through the dealer space.

Booking tables

We have only a small number of tables available. If you're interested, please contact with the name of your firm and the number of tables you require.

Please make sure you have read the Terms and Conditions] before applying for space in the Dealers’ Zone. Even if you are a regular Worldcon vendor, there may be terms which are different this year.

Please note the following:

Small presses and other small vendors who do not wish to take their own table should read this.

Loncon 3 is VAT registered. Your Dealers Room fees include VAT. If you are VAT registered and need a VAT invoice please email a request to