Panel CfP: Sexuality
Diversity in Speculative Fiction: Sexuality in Science/Speculative and Fantasy Fiction Panel
Loncon 3, 72nd World Science Fiction Convention
Thursday 14 to Monday 18 August 2014
London, UK

Science/Speculative and Fantasy fiction are genres in which many things (arguably anything) is possible. This ought to include exploring alternatives to normative and heteronormative representations of sexuality, sexual identities, practices and activities. On this panel our aim will be to consider how, why and to what extent these non-realist genres push the boundaries of representation relating to sexuality. Proposals are invited for academic papers on topics including, but not limited to:

In particular, papers are sought on the work of the guests of honour for Loncon3 – Iain M Banks, John Clute, Malcolm Edwards, Chris Foss, Jeanne Gomoll, Robin Hobb and Bryan Talbot.

Please send a 300 word abstract and brief biography to by 1 December 2013.