Dealers' Zone

Dealers’ Zone Terms and Conditions

Dealer Selection

The Dealers’ Zone at Loncon 3 will be a juried room, as those at all recent Worldcons have been. This is to ensure that there is an appropriate mix of various types of merchandise in the space available. The Worldcon is literary oriented, but its members have a wide range of interests.

This means that the convention will make the final decision about which dealers are allowed to take space and where they will be located. Those decisions are final and are binding on all dealers who apply to the room. If you are not able to abide by this rule, please do not apply.


We exclude sale of most weapons, live flames, anything generating a strong odour (including incense, perfume, oils and essences), anything generating loud noises or causing crowds to gather in the aisles (including audible audio or video presentations), and displays which are too tall (more than 7 feet / 2.14 metres above the floor) or which block access by any other dealer to their space, the common backspace, or the aisles.

Should you wish to display anything in this category, please email who would be happy to display it for you, with a sign to your tables.

Some personal services are welcome – such as clothed massage which can take place in public, face painting, or nail design – but we cannot accept permanent tattooing or unclothed massage.

We reserve the right to ask any dealer to remove any materials from sale in the Loncon 3 Dealers’ Zone if we have a reason to suspect that those materials are boot-legged, pirated or grey-market in origin, or otherwise break UK law about what may be displayed without a license.

Dealers agree to use their assigned space to sell or exhibit material which is of either of a science fiction, fantasy, gaming or other “fannish” nature or can be explained as of interest to our community (for example, crafts, esoteric publications, or medieval history books are all clearly of interest).

Dealers agree that they are self-insured, that they will be ready to begin trading when the room opens and that they will maintain their space until the room closes on each day of Loncon 3 unless they have made a prior arrangement with us.

Trading Hours

Thursday 14 August: Noon to 6 pm
Friday 15 August to Sunday 17 August: 10 am to 6 pm each day
Monday 18 August: 10 am to 2 pm

We must be clear of the Exhibits Hall by 8 pm on Monday.


Consumption of food and drink inside the Dealers’ Zone is restricted to dealers only, as identified by badges and/or ribbons issued by Loncon 3. If this identification is unclear, dealers and their staff may be asked to confirm it by members of Loncon 3 or ExCeL staff.

The entire ExCeL centre, including the Dealers’ Zone, is non-smoking.

Most signing sessions will take place somewhere in the Exhibits Hall.

Information about the following issues will be sent to confirmed dealers in due course and will then also be posted here on the convention website:

If you have any additional or pressing queries, contact us via

Keep a copy of everything you send to us.

If you move or otherwise change your contact details, you must tell us about it.