Tim Powers' The Anubis Gates - World Premiere Stage Adaptation

The Anubis Gates by Tim Powers

Saturday 3pm

Directed by: Ruth Pe Palileo and Amy Flood

Adapted by Ruth Pe Palileo

Music composed and directed by: Emma O’Reilly

With Johnny Miles as Brendan Doyle

Ariana Helaine as Jacky Snapp

Timothy Cummings as J. Cochrane Darrow and Dr.Romany

Geo Nikols as Steerforth Benner

Jake Taylor as Amenophis Fikee, Horrabin the Clown and Lord Byron

Stephen Lynch as Doug Maturo

and featuring Niamh Hogan, James Murphy, Aislinn Ní Uallacháin and Leah Rossiter as The Chorus

Produced by: Catherine Benson

Production designed by: Teresita de la Torre

Stage managed by: Lisa Macklem with Joseph Kobza

Fight choreography composed and directed by: Jonathan East

Costumes provided and designed by: Retroscope Fashions, Las Vegas

Hair and wigs created and styled by: Christina Guerra

Videography by: Frankie Rodriguez

Puppets created by: Jill Fredrickson, Jonathan East, Amy Flood and Emma O'Reilly

You won’t want to miss the world premiere stage adaptation of Tim Powers's The Anubis Gates:

This summer on the London docklands… ancient Egyptian wizards and modern American magnates will take you through holes in the river of time; Horrabin the Clown’s puppet show will mesmerise you; a werewolf-like creature named Dog-Face Joe will terrify you and you'll learn more than you've ever expected about poets William Ashbless and Samuel Taylor Coleridge from California literature professor Brendan Doyle. And if it gets too much, there's always cheeky beggar Jacky Snapp to pull you out of the Thames.

This could only be Current Theatrics' high-octane adaptation of the Philip K Dick Award-winning novel The Anubis Gates by Tim Powers. A group of actors from Las Vegas (members of such shows as Le Reve, Ka and Blue Man Group) and dancers and musicians from Dublin are already in rehearsal and making magic in the form of original music, choreography and theatrical surprises.

In addition to kinetic casting, the production will fill the stage with imaginative trickery and a chorus providing choral music written exclusively for The Anubis Gates by Irish composer Emma O’Reilly.

For "Current" updates (see what we did there?), check out their website.

About the Company

Current Theatrics has brought adaptations of two Neil Gaiman fairy tales to Chicon 7 and a production of Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog to Capricon in Chicago. We also do all kinds of other theatre in other locations besides conventions, such as Irish festivals and Fringe festivals.

This production of The Anubis Gates is a fannish labour of love for the professional cast and crew. They turned to crowdfunding to help cover the costs of travel and accommodation, with a successful Rockethub campaign. However, support is still needed! If you missed your chance to contribute to the original campaign, and would like to score some really cool thank you gifts, they are still accepting donations through their site.

See the trailer!

The Anubis Gates - Loncon 3 teaser from Frank Rodriguez on Vimeo.