The Cancellation and Re-imagining of Captain Tartan

Captain Tartan Captain Tartan

Thursday 14 August 10PM

Written and directed by David Wake

Captain Tartan was the seminal British SF series, an epic creation that spawned and inspired everything in the genre on both sides of the Atlantic, despite being little known in America. Its influences are everywhere: who can forget Planet of the Humans and Tartan: Restrung?

However, as we all know, it went into something of a hiatus.

Ten years afterwards, and on the 15th anniversary of Captain Tartan Saves the World Again, the Reconvene Rubber Tree Company presents the “behind-the-scenes” tragedy that brought the series to a premature end as they finally reveal the truth behind the appalling aftermath...

Reviews of previous productions:

“If there is a David Wake play on at a convention near you then you really should skip supper to see it.  I laughed so much I cried.  Then I cried so much my eyes hurt.”

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Captain Tartan