The Terminal Zone

The Terminal Zone

Saturday 16 August 6PM


Written and directed by Andrew J Wilson

Produced by Stuart Wallace

Lighting by Omega

Fifty years ago, after five seasons, The Twilight Zone finally came to an end. It is 1964, and Rod Serling is attending the wrap party for the series that took him from being a critically successful but largely anonymous screenwriter to a household name and international icon as the sharp suited gatekeeper to the 'fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man'. As Rod the writer sits amongst the debris of the party, contemplating what his future may hold, the telephone rings – and he is about to receive a very unusual visitor – one who is familiar, but may have crossed over from another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. You have just entered, the Terminal Zone.

The Terminal Zone, by Andrew J Wilson, was originally premièred in 1993 and has subsequently been performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. It is being revived in a brand new production directed by the author especially for Loncon 3 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the events depicted in the play.

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