Exhibit Your Art

The Art Show is sold out as of May 20, 2014. We have established a wait list in case of cancellations; please contact artshow@loncon3.org if you would like to be added to this list.

These pages set out all the current information relating to the Loncon 3 Art Show. We have attempted to anticipate your questions/requirements but of course we might have missed some out; in which case, let us know!

We are happy to receive emailed queries or suggestions (where practicable), and want to encourage good dialogue between organisers and artists. Feel free to write to us at artshow@ukin2014.org.

John Wilson and Serena Culfeather, Loncon 3 Art Show Directors


Art Show Rules

You must read and accept the Art Show Rules before registering to book space in the Art Show. The Rules can be found on the following pages.

You must also hold at least a Supporting membership for Loncon 3. To attend the convention in person, you will need to have an Attending membership or appropriate Day Admission(s).

Loncon 3 reserves the right to make changes or interpret differently the Art Show Rules should unforeseen circumstances arise. Any interpretations will be guided by the spirit, rather than the letter, of these Rules at the discretion of the committee of Loncon 3.


Art Show Schedule

The Art Show schedule is as follows.


Art Show Registration

Once you have read and understood the Art Show Rules, you can register for space in the Art Show using the online registration form.

We will try to acknowledge all applications by email within a maximum of three working days. When we confirm your registration, we will provide you with a registration code, and a link to our online payment page. You will then need to pay for your space, quoting the code we have provided so we can link the payment to your application.


Art Programme and Related Activities

Art activities at Loncon 3 are not limited to the Art Show, and attending Artists will be able to take part in a number of ways.


What Next?

We will provide more information on Art Show hours and move-in / move-out arrangements nearer to the convention.

We plan to make the usual Art Show forms (Master Inventory Sheets, Bid Sheets, Print Shop Control Sheets, etc) available around June 2014. The forms will be available for download from this page when ready.

We are pleased to confirm that we are able to accept mail-in Art (within an overall limit), due to the extra effort required from the Art Show team - applications for mail-in will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. See the Mail-in and Shipping page for details.

We are also pleased to confirm that, as in 2005, we are offering a consolidated shipping service for artists based in North America. We will consolidate the artworks for all artists using the service into a single transatlantic shipment which will be handled by our shipping partner, Expofreight. This will significantly reduce the costs and effort for North American artists to take part in the Loncon 3 Art Show. Again, please refer to the Mail-in and Shipping page for details.


"The Twin Parliaments of Pyrrus" by Loncon 3 Attending Artist John Harris