1939 Retro Hugo Award Winners

4 January 2015 - the Loncon 3 Artist Showcase is now available to download in PDF format.

1939 Retro Hugo Award Winners

14 August 2014 - Loncon 3 is delighted to announce the 1939 Retro Hugo Award winners.

Record Hugo Participation

7 August 2014 - Loncon 3 is proud to announce that it received 3,587 valid ballots for the 2014 Hugo Awards. More details here.

Cosmonaut at Loncon 3

6 August 2014 - Cosmonaut Anatolii Artsebarskii will be at the whole convention and speaking on Sunday 17 August, more details here and press release here.

Programme now available

24 July 2014 - The schedule is now available through our programme guides here.

Hugo Ceremony Hosts announced

17 July 2014 - The 2014 Hugo Ceremony will be hosted by leading science fiction and fantasy authors Justina Robson and Geoff Ryman. More details here

Fantastic partnership with BFI

17 July 2014 - Loncon 3 has joined forces with the British Film Institute to celebrate the UK's long heritage of science fiction and the fantastic on television. More details here

Access services

08 July 2014 - LAST CALL: all requests for accessible accomodation must be received no later than midnight Thursday 10 July. More details here

PEN/H G Wells lecture

08 July 2014 - Audrey Niffenegger will give the first PEN / H G Wells lecture at Loncon 3. More details here

Access services

06 July 2014 - We're offering a service for booking mobility scooters. More details here

Theatre programme announced

04 July 2014 - We have released full details of our exciting theatre programme. Full details here

Childcare at Loncon 3

03 July 2014 - Please book your childcare by 14 July. Details available here. To help you plan, some programme highlights are listed here

Progress Report 4 Now Available

02 July 2014 - Download your electronic copy of our last Progress Report here. Full of essential information for getting to and enjoying the convention.

Help wanted

02 July 2014 - We have a number of specific tasks for which we're seeking volunteers. In most cases no prior experience is needed and it's a great way to meet people and be a part of Loncon 3. Details here

1939 Retro Hugo Voter Packet

01 July 2014 - The 1939 Retro Hugo Voter Packet is now available

Hall passes

20 June 2014 - For a taste of Loncon 3 at a low price, we are offering a limited number of Hall passes for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Programme participants

15 June 2014 - We are today sending emails to all our programme participants with a first draft of their schedules. It's going to be an amazing programme!

Membership rates to increase on 14 July

10 June 2014 - Loncon 3 membership rates will rise on 14 July: Adult rates increase to £135 (US$225); family rates become £300 (US$500); all other attending rates also rise. Join now to beat the increase! Full details here

Additions to 2014 Hugo Voter Packet

10 June 2014 - The voter packet has been updated to include new material in the following categories: Fan Artist, Related Work, Short Story, Novelette and Novella. Members can download the packet here.

Hugo Voting Now Open

06 June 2014 - Cast your ballot for the 2014 Hugo Awards here and for the 1939 Retro Hugo Awards here.

Worldcon Philharmonic Orchestra

03 June 2014 - The highlight of Loncon 3's music programme will be a concert by the Worldcon Philharmonic Orchestra

Masquerade and costumes at Loncon 3

03 June 2014 - If you love costumes and costuming, check out our new information about the Masquerade and Hall Costumes at Loncon 3. You can register today! More details


Loncon 3 welcomes fan fund delegates

The Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund (TAFF) was created in 1953 for the purpose of providing funds to bring well-known and popular [science fiction] fans familiar to those on both sides of the ocean across the Atlantic. Since that time TAFF has regularly brought North American fans to European conventions and European fans to North American conventions. TAFF exists solely through the support of fandom. The candidates are voted on by interested fans all over the world, and each vote is accompanied by a donation. These votes, and the continued generosity of fandom, are what make TAFF possible. Our guest of honour Jeanne Gomoll travelled to the UK as TAFF delegate in 1987.

The 2014 TAFF delegate is Curt Phillips. He lives in fannish isolation in the small town of Abingdon, Virginia in the USA. His primary fannish activity is as a collector of SF books, fanzines, ephemera, and particularly of SF magazines both old and new. His biggest goal for his trip to Loncon 3 is to meet as many British and European fans as possible, but he admits that he’s hoping to fill some of the gaps in his collection of British SF magazines too while he’s here. Curt has been active in fandom since the early ’70s, has published a general fanzine and several zines for various amateur press societies including FAPA, of which he is the current Official Editor. He’s an Associate Member of First Fandom. He’s active in pulp magazine fandom. He’s attended hundreds of SF conventions in the American South and Midwest, and has worked as a volunteer staffer on a few including two Worldcons. He’d like everyone to know that he started in fandom because of the examples set by some of the best fans in our history such as Lynn Hickman, Bob Tucker, and Walt Willis; and that he stays with it because the best people he knows of in the world today are found in fandom. Present company included.

GUFF was created as The Get Up-and-over Fan Fund in 1978 to complete the triangle whose existing sides were TAFF and DUFF (Down Under Fan Fund, running between North America and Australia). It follows the TAFF model for fans from Australasia and Europe. Of necessity, the name changes to Going Under Fan Fund for southbound trips.

The 2014 GUFF delegate is Gillian Polack, an Australian writer, editor, historian and critic. She has PhDs in both history and creative writing and is currently working on making the Middle Ages accessible to other fiction writers and the seventeenth century accessible to her own fiction. Her main scholarly interests are how narratives are built and how they operate. Gillian’s novel Langue[dot]doc 1305 will be released this year. Gillian’s second novel Ms Cellophane (Momentum, 2012) was shortlisted for a Ditmar. She has edited two anthologies, has seventeen short stories published and a slew of articles. One of her stories won a Victorian Ministry of the Arts award and three more have been listed as recommended reading in the international lists of world’s best fantasy and science fiction short stories. She was awarded the Ditmar for Best Achievement in 2010. Gillian is an Aurealis judge, and reviews for ticon4. She was on the Conflux committee for a decade, and on the Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild committee for seven years. She has been a public servant, professional blogger, feminist activist and rather bad folk dancer. She currently teaches mainly at the ANU, at various Writers’ Centres and to members of professional writers’ organisations.

Loncon 3 is pleased to welcome both delegates to our convention.