Filk programme

We have a diverse and entertaining filk stream planned for you, with concerts showcasing the musical talents of fans from around the world. Come along to hear smooth jazz, blood pumping rock, beautiful choral arrangements and everything in between.

This is where to go to see and hear professional musicians, enthusiastic and talented amateurs and to get an opportunity to perform yourself in our one shot concerts and add to the musical diversity, all of us coming together for the love of music and its intersection with speculative fiction, cats, gaming, chocolate, myth and more.

We have assembled an exciting programming track with some fantastic concerts. There are many amazing performers to listen to including these exciting highlights

Cosmic Trifle

A four-piece band performing in a diverse range of musical styles, mostly in English but occasionally breaking out into German

Playing Rapunzel

An energetic filk duo who share, in powerful harmony, songs of story, myth, and the perils of the internet, all while running through a prodigious instrument collection

Talis Kimberley

The acclaimed and widely travelled Talis Kimberley is a passionate and compelling performer whose songs cover history, literature, green issues, politics (and knitting...) with wit and good humour

Gwen Knighton

A talented singer songwriter performing eclectic acoustic music with a harp (two if you're lucky, though not at the same time (I think)). Come be blown away and leave believing in fairies

Paper Worlds

Some songs are so good an evocation of the tale that inspired them that people feel obliged to go out and hunt down those books afterwards to get the rest of the story behind the song. Our “Paper Worlds” item on Friday will showcase these, proving an opportunity for people to read a brief passage from a book and then to perform the song that the book inspired. This will be an item you can sign up to at the convention but it does take some preparation. Take this opportunity to reread a favourite book in the name of research and contact Robert Maughan to express an interest in taking part.

Seanan McGuire

Sometimes the links between the books we love and amazing music run along different lines, with our favourite authors also being incredible musicians. Seanan McGuire makes music. Sometimes it is music about nice things, like fairy tales and drowning. Sometimes it is music about nicer things, like the Black Death and serial killers. Many people will make music with her. She does not yet know who they are. It's an adventure! And one you can join on Saturday night.

Before the Dawn, a filk musical!

Back in the mists of time the UK filk community got a little carried away writing songs in a shared universe, songs that in time they were able to look at and declare that they told an amazingly coherent story with a surprising amount of foreshadowing. This song cycle has been refined and rehearsed and with a kick-ass band providing the music will be performed from 4.30PM on Monday, after the closing ceremony. It will be well worth staying on at the convention to be able to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience!

Anna Raftery
Lissa Allcock
Deborah Crook