The Hugo Awards Base Design

2014 Hugo Award Base Design Competition

Call for Submissions - now closed

Loncon 3 is hosting an open competition to determine the base for the 2014 Hugo Awards.

There are separate pages on the base design specifications and on how to enter the competition.

Anyone is welcome to submit a proposal for the design and production of the awards, which will be presented for the best works of science fiction and fantasy released in 2013.

The winning design should have a theme that highlights London, one of the truly great international cities and a frequent feature of genre literature. Design proposals will be accepted until Friday 17 January 2014 and the winner will be selected by 31 January 2014.

We will separately be commissioning a design for the base for the 1939 Retro-Hugo Awards, which will be given for the best works of science fiction and fantasy released in 1938. As is traditional, both base designs will remain secret until the convention itself.

The winner of the 2014 Hugo Award base design competition will receive a full attending membership for the convention, where they will be invited to take part in the public unveiling of their design.

If you have any questions after reading these pages, contact the Hugo administrator.