The Hugo Awards

2014 Hugo Awards – instructions for nomination

Please read these instructions carefully before casting your ballot for the 2014 Hugo Awards and John W Campbell Award.

Eligibility to Nominate

You may nominate for the 2014 Hugo Awards and the John W Campbell Award for Best New Writer if, on or before 31 January 2014, 11.59 pm PST (7.59 am GMT on 1 February 2014 – UK time):

Note: Young adult and military memberships count as attending memberships and are eligible to nominate. Child memberships, day member admissions, and hall passes do not.


All ballots must be received by Monday 31 March 2014, 11:59 pm PDT (7.59 am BST on Tuesday 1 April – UK time). Please submit your ballot as early as possible to ensure that it is received and can be counted.

Paper ballots should be posted to:
Hugo Nominations
c/o Dave McCarty
2617 N Richmond
IL 60647

Taping the ballot shut is permissible in USA domestic mail; however, we recommend posting your ballot in an envelope. Ballots posted from outside the USA must be in an envelope.

How to Nominate (Online or by Post)

The final Hugo ballot, containing the nominees in each category that received the most nominations, will be distributed by Loncon 3 in April/May 2014. Only members of Loncon 3 (including those who join after 31 January 2014) will be eligible to vote in the final ballot.


Works published in 2013 for the first time anywhere, or for the first time in English, are eligible for the Hugo Awards being awarded in 2014.

Books are considered to have been published on the publication date, which usually appears with the copyright information on the back of the title page. If there is no stated publication date, the copyright date will be used instead. A dated periodical is considered to have been published on the cover date, regardless of when it was placed on sale or copyrighted. Serialised stories or dramatic presentations are eligible in the year in which the last instalment appears.

Extended eligibility for non-US published works: The 2013 WSFS business meeting, as authorised by section 3.2.3 of the WSFS constitution, passed a resolution providing that works originally published outside the United States prior to 2013 but first published in the United States in 2013 shall be eligible for the 2014 Hugo Awards, unless they have already appeared on a final Hugo Award ballot.

Other eligibility rules are included with the specific categories. The full rules for the Hugo Awards are set out in the WSFS constitution.


The Loncon 3 Committee has irrevocably delegated all Hugo administration authority to a sub-committee. Therefore, only Dave McCarty, Ben Yalow, Vincent Docherty, Dave Gallaher, Ronald Oakes, Steve Cooper, and Alice Lawson are ineligible for the 2014 Hugo Awards.


If you have any questions, please email

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