Masquerade and Costumes and Loncon 3

If you like to wear costumes, you'll have lots of options to show them off at Loncon 3!

  • Do you fancy putting on a presentation, with theatre-quality sound and light, in front of thousands?
  • Would you enjoy being in costume around the convention?

You can do both! Find out more here.

When and where

We're holding the masquerade at 8PM on Saturday 16 August, in the ICC Auditorium, a venue that can seat up to 4,000 people. Seating combines flat at the front with raked further back, so it'll be like being in a big theatre. Like all the rest of the venue, it is accessible to disabled people and there will be an induction loop.

You can cosplay throughout the convention, and we have a whole strand of programming devoted to Costuming, Cosplay and Style, but we hope to have a particular push for it on Sunday 17 August.

Please see our guidance on photography and filming.

Griffin (Conspiracy 1987)

Gryphon, a Mythical Beast
James Steele, 1987