What are the masquerade and hall costumes/cosplay?

What is a Masquerade?

It's a show, held in a large auditorium, in front of an audience of thousands. You give a presentation to show off your costume, on a stage, with full theatrical lighting and sound. Presentations can involve multiple people. You could put on a short vignette, reproduce a scene from your source material or a well-known visual, such as the raising of the flag at Iwo Jima - but using orcs. The only limit is your imagination, and a few practical considerations, such as the size of the stage, the law of gravity and so on.

How to take part

If you're going to take part, or if you're just thinking about taking part, see our guidance for participants, with details of what you need to know, and what we need to know from you!

What is a Hall Costume/Cosplay

We hope to see as many people in costume for as much of the con as possible. ExCeL London is a great venue for cosplay with fabulous Thames-side scenery for photography, and we have a whole strand of programming devoted to Costuming, Cosplay and Style to inspire you.

Our biggest push for being in costume will be on Sunday 17 August, so that those entering the masquerade can also relax and take part. We hope that the Saturday night masquerade will also have created the biggest buzz about costuming.

(If you want to know more about people wearing costume at conventions, there's a very informative article on Wikipedia: just look up cosplay).

We will have stealth judges armed with awards to give out to anyone wearing costumes they think are particularly excellent.

They will be concentrating on the open areas of the con such as the Exhibits Hall rather than programme areas. This is because we plan to offer limited access passes to the con, for people who want to come and shop, meet friends and socialise in costume rather than attend programming.

We're planning to have areas for getting changed in Hospitality and Exhibits.

Keep an eye on the highlights page too, as we'll be having dances that will let you show off costumes, including a Regency dance, a ceilidh, and - in keeping with the Retro Hugos - a swing dance, 1930s style.

Photography and filming

The Masquerade and costumes at Loncon 3 will be a spectacle to remember, and there will be opportunities for both photography and filming during the convention. Please make sure that you read and understand our guidelines, and always comply with our Code of Conduct.