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All rates are valid until 21st January 2018.

See here for details of our instalment plan.

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Becoming a member of Loncon3

You can join the convention by the following methods:

Membership Cancellation/Refund

The distance selling regulations give you the right to cancel your agreement with the convention for the first seven days of the contract. We will refund any membership payment, on request, within this timescale.
To avoid any deadline problems we will make this refund if requested up to ten (10) days after the card has been charged. To cancel your membership within this period please send an email requesting cancellation to Please quote the transaction ID.

About London 2014 Ltd

Loncon 3 is the trading name of London 2014 Limited a company limited by guarantee, registered in England, company number 7989510.
Registered address: 176 Portland Road, Jesmond, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE2 1DJ, UK
Contact email:


All about membership and attendance of Loncon 3

Why should I join Loncon 3?

If you are interested in any form of science fiction, you should find something to your taste at Loncon 3: the World Science Fiction Convention in 2014. The rest of this website provides more information about what will be going on, who will be there, and how you can get involved – but to join in the fun you probably need to be there yourself!

The main way that you can do that is to buy a membership for the convention.

What type of membership should I buy?

There are a number of ways you can participate in Loncon 3:

Additionally, full attending memberships and day admissions are available in the following classes.:

The list on the left of the page sets out the current prices.

If you require a full-time carer/caregiver to enable you to attend the convention, please contact our access team before buying a separate membership for them:

Full attending member

Full attending membership will give you:

* These are not available to Child and Infant members

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Supporting member

This does not entitle the member to attend the convention, but is for anybody else who wishes to receive all the publications and vote in the site selection.

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Day admissions

These are available for people who would like to attend and participate in Loncon 3 but are not able to be there for the majority of the time. Purchasers of day admissions have the same access as full attending members to programme, events and all the activities in the Exhibits Hall and Hospitality Hall on the day(s) you attend. However, you won’t receive voting rights to the Hugo Awards and future Worldcon site selection or publications such as our souvenir book.

Due to the popularity of Loncon 3 the number of admissions each day is limited. If on the day there are still day admissions available they will either remain on sale here, or will be made available for purchase at the door. We will provide up-to-date information on this site as to the remaining availability of day admissions and how they may be purchased.

If your circumstances change and you are able to attend the convention for longer, day admissions can be upgraded to a full attending membership either in advance or on the day.

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Hall passes

Sale of Hall Passes has now finished.

Can I buy a membership of Loncon 3 for someone else?

Yes: either at the same time as you buy a membership for yourself, or separately – as a gift, for instance.

You can give any type of membership as a gift.

If you’re doing this online, fill in the details of the person for whom you’re buying the membership in Parts One and Two of the form; you can do this for more than one person at a time so long as they share the same postal address. After you’ve checked the summary of information you’ve provided for the membership(s) you’re buying, you’ll be redirected to the payment form.

You’ll receive confirmation of your payment from WorldPay, and a separate email from us confirming the membership information you’ve provided; you can send that email to the person for whom you’ve bought the membership, which will tell them everything they need to get started.

If you’re sending us a cheque, just fill in the details of the person or people for whom you’re buying the membership(s) on the downloadable form. If you want the initial membership information to be sent to you rather than to the new member(s), tell us in a covering note that it’s a gift and how to get in touch with you; we’ll do our best not to send any direct emails or mailings before you’ve had the chance to give your gift.


Loncon 3 is VAT registered. Your attending membership includes VAT. If you are VAT registered and need a VAT invoice please email a request to

Loncon 3 is a non-profit organisation. One pound of the membership price of Loncon 3 will cover admission to film and television screenings at the convention. Members of Equity, MU and the Writers Guild will be entitled to a 25% discount (25p) on this one part of their membership only.