Upgrade Membership Rates

These rates are valid until 21 January 2018.

  GBP-£ USD-$
Upgrade from Supporter to Adult Member 0 0
Upgrade from Supporter to Young Adult Member 0 0
Upgrade from Friend to Adult Member -70 -120
Upgrade from Young Friend to Young Adult Member -40 -70


Membership Cancellation/Refund

The distance selling regulations give you the right to cancel your agreement with the convention for the first seven days of the contract. We will refund any membership payment, on request, within this timescale.
To avoid any deadline problems we will make this refund if requested up to ten (10) days after the card has been charged. To cancel your membership within this period please send an email requesting cancellation to memberships@ukin2014.org Please quote the transaction ID.

About London 2014 Ltd

Loncon 3 is the trading name of London 2014 Limited a company limited by guarantee, registered in England, company number 7989510.
Registered address: 176 Portland Road, Jesmond, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE2 1DJ, UK
Contact email: treasurer@ukin2014.org


Membership Upgrade

Who should use this form

If you are a Supporting member of Loncon 3 you can upgrade your membership to an Attending Adult or Attending Young Adult by completing this form.

If you have a Friend of the Bid membership you are already a Supporting member of Loncon 3 and you can use this form to upgrade to Attending membership (Adult or Young Adult)

Please note that this is not for people who were pre-supporting members of the bid (UK in 2014). Pre-supporting discounts ended in May 2013.

Not sure of your current membership status? You can check it here or by sending an email to memberships

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