Art Programme

Science fiction and fantasy art has long been a central feature of Worldcon, from the Art Show and programme to the Artist Hugos and the Chesley Awards. Loncon 3 will include all of these traditional elements and much more.

Art at Loncon 3

The complete guide to Art at Loncon 3 can now be downloaded in PDF format. This includes full details of the Art Show, programming, demonstrations, and special events. If you are an art fan, this is the best starting point for planning your convention!


Art Programme and Art Show

The Art Programme will be closely linked to the Art Show. In addition to docent tours (see below), we are planning a series of demonstrations - including two open sketch sessions - and we will also have two Artist Hours (at Noon on Friday and Noon on Saturday) where many of the attending artists will be available in the Art Show to talk about their displays.

Gala Opening

We are delighted to announce that there will be a Gala Opening for the Art Show at 4.30 p.m. on Thursday, 14 August. This event is sponsored by Titan Books and features the launch of Jim Burns "Hyperluminal", the final book in a series of four launched in 2014. Not only that, but all four artists will be present, with books available for sale and signature - so Jim will be joined by Ian Miller, John Harris and Fred Gambino.

The Best of British Illustration

As part of the Art Programme we will be featuring the best of British illustration from the "Golden Age" of the 1970s and 1980s and on to the present day. In addition to Guest of Honour Chris Foss, programme participants include Chris Achilleos, Jim Burns, Les Edwards, Danny Flynn, Fred Gambino, John Harris, Bob Layzell, Chris Moore and Bruce Pennington. Collectively these artists shaped the look of science fiction for a generation, and will be taking part in panels, talks and interviews throughout the convention. We'll also be taking a nostalgic look back at the Terran Trade Authority!

Speculative Biology

We will be running a special series of items on speculative biology - future evolution, alternative evolution and the biology of other worlds. This series will start with an opening panel on Thursday, 14 August, and be followed by two further sessions featuring three separate visions of alternate biologies. These will comprise The Planet Furaha by Gert van Dijk, The Planet Snaiad by C.M. Kösemen, and Greenworld by Dougal Dixon.

Across the Universe

In the broader programme we'll explore the changing landscape of SF illustration. We'll explore the art and science of scale and atmosphere in painting; consider the future for professional artists; and look at the way in which artists create a subtle sense of the disturbing and macabre. We'll also look at the role of concept art in films. Most of all, however, we want our programme to reflect the inherently visual nature of the medium; why talk about it when you can see it? So, we'll be featuring portfolio presentations from a number of artists and projecting relevant artworks to support our panel discussions.

Last but not least, the Chesley Award ceremony will be held on the evening of Friday 15 August, and will be followed by an open reception in the Art Show for artists and members, with food and beverages. This is a chance to join the professional art community as they celebrate the best art and artists of 2013.

Art Programme Participants

The following participants are confirmed for the art programme.

Docent Tours of the Art Show

Docents are well-informed and engaging guides who are passionate about sharing their knowledge. Our docents are likely to include artists, agents, art directors and collectors. (We borrow the term "docent" from the world of museums, where volunteer docents show visitors around the galleries.) Join our docent tours for fresh insights into the works on show, combined with a liberal mixture of anecdotes and opinions.