Costuming, Cosplay and Style

Costume has been a part of Worldcon since Forry Ackerman and Myrtle Douglas arrived at the first World Science Fiction Convention in New York in 1939 wearing their futuricostumes. It remains a vibrant part of Worldcon culture, both as what is considered "traditional" fan costume or the newer construct of cosplay, and the Masquerade is one of the major evening events of the weekend. In addition, with the growth of positive geek imagery in popular media, an entire movement of "geek chic" is on the rise, including things like steampunk and "burner" fashion.

With this in mind, because we want to make sure all fans who like to dress up feel welcome and understand that their activity is considered part of this programme area, we've decided to call it Costuming, Cosplay and Style.

Loncon 3 has organised quite a mixture of costume-relevant programme items for fans of all ages and backgrounds:

Whether you yourself like to costume, or its new manifestation as cosplay, or just appreciate it as another aspect of SFF, we have something for you!

We definitely encourage everyone to indulge in a bit of the fantastic in your wardrobe at Loncon 3, especially on Sunday!

Kevin Roche and Andrew Trembley