Fan Programme

The fan track will explore strange new fandoms, seek out new fan practices and old fan civilizations, it will boldly go where no fans have gone before by embracing all fan cultures, fan histories, fan communities, fan productions, fan consumers, and fan traditions in different kinds of fandoms across London, the UK, Europe, and the world.

Worldcon has always discussed the nature and history of science fiction fandom, often running a programme track discussing the hows and whys of what it means to be a fan in different times, places and communities. At Loncon 3 we will be continuing this tradition of self-reflection and expanding it to explore fandom in its broadest sense. To reflect this we have two connected, overlapping but ultimately independent, fan programme areas. They are:

Traditional (ish) Fandom: Focusing on science fiction literature and classic science fiction fan practices including fan clubs, fanzines, fan funds, fan parties, fans telling stories about fandom and fans getting together to have fun, we will be playing around with ideas associated with typical Worldcon fan programming through games, discussions, and interactive sessions.

Transformative Fandom: Focussing on fan practices that actively reimagine and transform novels, television shows, movies, comics and any other form of speculative fiction, we will be hanging out and discussing fanart, fanvids, fanfic, wikis, Tumblr, politics and more.

We hope you will spend some time enjoying both of these programmes.