Music at Loncon 3

Music Programme

The music programme at Loncon 3 will cover many aspects of music related to science fiction and fantasy, including participatory and panel-based sessions, as well as live performances. We'll also have an extensive programme of music created by fans about science fiction in all its forms - known as filk music. You can find out more about our filk stream here.

Our goal is to highlight science fiction and fantasy music in the widest sense, and to show that for as long as people have been making music and telling fantastic stories the two have been linked. We aim to surprise, build interest and excitement and hope that attendees will have fun, learn something new and participate. It is also very important that the programme be accessible but not superficial or too basic. Many people’s experience of the subject is limited to film soundtracks, genre-influenced popular music albums, a few famous cases like Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds and the Whedon musicals. We are keen to also explore mythology, history, some aspects of religious practice, links to science and ‘modern’ SF&F and also look to future developments and more widely than the familiar ‘Western’ modes.

The Loncon 3 music programme is inspired from and will build upon a similar track which was very successfully run at the 2009 British Eastercon LX by Vincent Docherty, who will also run the Loncon 3 music programme.

The main themes of the panel-type programming will likely include:

We also hope to have more participatory events and live performances, including a major symphonic concert, some hands-on events where fans can learn about basic musical principles and perhaps try out different instruments. Musical elements will be built throughout the programme, including the sessions aimed at younger fans, to establish it as a ‘red thread’ through the con.

Vincent Docherty