Loncon 3 produced a number of publications, both before and at the convention.

Progress Reports

Progress Reports are, as the name implies, magazines which are released to members periodically in the two years leading up to the convention.

Electronic copies of each Progress Report can be downloaded by clicking on the links or cover images below. We recommend saving the file to your computer and then opening it locally for the best performance. (Right click on the link and pick 'save as' or 'save link').

Loncon 3 PR2
Loncon 3 PR2
Loncon 3 PR2
Loncon 3 PR1
Loncon 3 PR0
Loncon 3 Progress Report -1
Art at Loncon 3

Art at Loncon 3

The complete guide to Art at Loncon 3 can now be downloaded in PDF format. This includes full details of the Art Show, programming, demonstrations, and special events.

At-Con Publications

Our At-Con Publications will include:


The convention newsletter will be posted here two to three times a day during the convention, and distributed on paper around the convention, starting from the afternoon of Thursday 14 August.

Artist Showcase

The Artist Showcase will be a limited edition book of nearly 100 pages, featuring biographies and artwork from the artists participating in the Loncon 3 Art Show.