1939 Retro Hugo Award Winners

4 January 2015 - the Loncon 3 Artist Showcase is now available to download in PDF format.

1939 Retro Hugo Award Winners

14 August 2014 - Loncon 3 is delighted to announce the 1939 Retro Hugo Award winners.

Record Hugo Participation

7 August 2014 - Loncon 3 is proud to announce that it received 3,587 valid ballots for the 2014 Hugo Awards. More details here.

Cosmonaut at Loncon 3

6 August 2014 - Cosmonaut Anatolii Artsebarskii will be at the whole convention and speaking on Sunday 17 August, more details here and press release here.

Programme now available

24 July 2014 - The schedule is now available through our programme guides here.

Hugo Ceremony Hosts announced

17 July 2014 - The 2014 Hugo Ceremony will be hosted by leading science fiction and fantasy authors Justina Robson and Geoff Ryman. More details here

Fantastic partnership with BFI

17 July 2014 - Loncon 3 has joined forces with the British Film Institute to celebrate the UK's long heritage of science fiction and the fantastic on television. More details here

Access services

08 July 2014 - LAST CALL: all requests for accessible accomodation must be received no later than midnight Thursday 10 July. More details here

PEN/H G Wells lecture

08 July 2014 - Audrey Niffenegger will give the first PEN / H G Wells lecture at Loncon 3. More details here

Access services

06 July 2014 - We're offering a service for booking mobility scooters. More details here

Theatre programme announced

04 July 2014 - We have released full details of our exciting theatre programme. Full details here

Childcare at Loncon 3

03 July 2014 - Please book your childcare by 14 July. Details available here. To help you plan, some programme highlights are listed here

Progress Report 4 Now Available

02 July 2014 - Download your electronic copy of our last Progress Report here. Full of essential information for getting to and enjoying the convention.

Help wanted

02 July 2014 - We have a number of specific tasks for which we're seeking volunteers. In most cases no prior experience is needed and it's a great way to meet people and be a part of Loncon 3. Details here

1939 Retro Hugo Voter Packet

01 July 2014 - The 1939 Retro Hugo Voter Packet is now available

Hall passes

20 June 2014 - For a taste of Loncon 3 at a low price, we are offering a limited number of Hall passes for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Programme participants

15 June 2014 - We are today sending emails to all our programme participants with a first draft of their schedules. It's going to be an amazing programme!

Membership rates to increase on 14 July

10 June 2014 - Loncon 3 membership rates will rise on 14 July: Adult rates increase to £135 (US$225); family rates become £300 (US$500); all other attending rates also rise. Join now to beat the increase! Full details here

Additions to 2014 Hugo Voter Packet

10 June 2014 - The voter packet has been updated to include new material in the following categories: Fan Artist, Related Work, Short Story, Novelette and Novella. Members can download the packet here.

Hugo Voting Now Open

06 June 2014 - Cast your ballot for the 2014 Hugo Awards here and for the 1939 Retro Hugo Awards here.

Worldcon Philharmonic Orchestra

03 June 2014 - The highlight of Loncon 3's music programme will be a concert by the Worldcon Philharmonic Orchestra

Masquerade and costumes at Loncon 3

03 June 2014 - If you love costumes and costuming, check out our new information about the Masquerade and Hall Costumes at Loncon 3. You can register today! More details


Loncon 3 Committee and Staff

  • Joint Chairs
    Steve Cooper, Alice Lawson
  • Chairs’ Office
    • Adviser
      Vincent Docherty
    • Chairs’ Staff
      Deb Geisler, Mark Plummer
    • Chairs P.A.
      Eve Harvey
    • Chairs Admin
    • Death of Emails
    • Hugo Losers Party
      Henry Balen, Renee Sieber
  • Chairs’ Departments
    • GoH Liaison
      • Iain M Banks
        Dave Haddock
      • John Clute
        Judith Hanna, Joseph Nicholas
      • Malcolm Edwards
        Catherine Pickersgill
      • Chris Foss
        Yvonne Rowse
      • Jeanne Gomoll
      • Robin Hobb
        Caroline Mullan
      • Bryan Talbot
    • Membership
      Steve Lawson
    • Treasury
      John Dowd
      • Deputy Treasurer
        Paul van Oven
    • Web Site & IT
      John Harvey
      • Web Site Design
        Geri Sullivan
      • Web Site Support
        Colin Harris, Paul Taylor
      • Server Support
        Andrew O'Rorke
      • Web Content
        Deb Geisler, Dave Kirby, Mark Plummer
      • Web Graphics
        John Livingstone
    • WSFS
      Ben Yalow
      • Deputy Division Head
        Linda Deneroff
      • Business Meeting
        Donald Eastlake III
        • Secretary
          Linda Deneroff
        • Timekeeper
          Jill Eastlake
      • Hugo Awards
        Dave McCarty
        • Staff
          Vincent Docherty, Dave Gallaher
        • Hugo software
          Ron Oakes
        • Voter Packet
          Will Frank, Beth Welsh
        • Hugo Pin Assistance
          Leane Verhulst
      • MPC Representative
        Paul Dormer
      • Site Selection
        Robert Macintosh
  • Events Division
    Helen Montgomery
    • Dep. Division Head
      Kent Bloom
    • Backstage Crew Chief
      Christine O'Halloran
      • Backstage Crew
        Nancy Brennan, Lisa Macklem, Terhi Nurmikko-Fuller, Michele Weinstein
    • Dances
      Pablo Vazquez
    • Front of House Managers
      Pip Downs, Ariel Franklin-Hudson, Elizabeth Jones, Kelly Roche
      • Ushers
        David Allan, Leo Breebaart, Nancy Brennan, Lili Daie, Rebecca Godfrey, Shell Marie Gosztyla, Nicola Grezeschik, Marya H, Maeghan Kearney, Monica Kohli, Margeen, Terhi Nurmikko-Fuller, Gill Othen
    • Hugo Awards Ceremony
      John Brown
      • Nominee Attendants
        Megan Frank, Paul Raj Khangure, Keri O'Brien, Jesi Pershing, Pablo Vasquez
    • Hugo Awards Reception
      Sondra de Jong, Jerry Gilio, Liz Gilio, Sandra Levy, Ron Ontell, Val Ontell, Leane Verhulst
    • Masquerade
      Giulia De Cesare
      • Staff
        Christine Doyle, Vanessa May, Christine O'Halloran, Sharon Sbarsky, Kathy Westhead
      • MCs
        Sue Mason, Chris O'Shea
      • Backstage
        Debi Chowdhury, Elliott Cowley, Gillian Dickson, John O'Halloran, Juan Sanmiguel, Karen Westhead, Dale Williamson
      • Judges
        Jill Eastlake, Jaine Fenn, Jeanne Gomoll, Helen McCarthy, Teddy
      • Official Masquerade Photographer
        Giles Golding
      • Fan Photo Call Manager
        Chad Dixon
    • Official Hugo Awards Photographer
      John O'Halloran
    • Opening Ceremony
      Ian Sorensen
    • Orchestra Concert
      Vincent Docherty
    • Retro Hugo Awards Ceremony
      John Brown
      • Nominee Attendants
        Megan Frank, Aurora Celeste, Keri O'Brien, Mark Oshiro, Linda Wenzelburger
    • Tech Director
      Keith Smith
      • Deputy
        Sarah Stock
      • Tech Advisory Board
        Rick Kovalcik, Paul Kraus, Syd Weinstein, Carl Zwanzig
      • Auditorium Tech Manager
        Norman Cates
      • Second Stage Tech Manager
      • Programme Tech Managers
        Patrick Scholz, Smudge
      • Staff
        Kathryn Baker, Bodo Bellut, Boggis, Mike Cheater, Elliott Cowley, Deborah Crook, Daisee, Kethry-Ashira Dickson, Scott Dorsey, Em F, Robert Hodkinson, Martin Hoare, David Jessop, Manuella Jessop, Richard Johnson, Sana Khan, Rick Kovalcik, Vanessa May, Ian Murphy (Smurf), Jane Nicholson, Lia Olsborg, Roy G Ovrebo, Bill Parker, Bill Piper, Mark Randall, Eva Scholz, Fiona Shum, Georgia Stark, John Stewart, Edward Strickson, Andrew Suffield, Calie Voorhis, Simon Waldman, Syd Weinstein, Paul Wilder, Ian Worrall, Carl Zwanzig
    • Theatre Coordinator
      Lisa Macklem
      • Official Theatre Photographer
        Chad Dixon
      • Props Wrangler
        Claire Rousseau
  • Exhibits Division
    Shana Worthen
    • Dep. Division Head
      Laurie Mann
    • Project Manager
      Farah Mendlesohn
    • Budget Manager
      Stu Segal
    • Hall Manager
      Joe Raftery
    • At-con Hall Layout
      Phil Dyson
    • Exhibits Hall Desk
      David Weingart
    • Grants Officer
      Dr Jennifer Young
    • Art Show
      Serena Culfeather, John Wilson
      • Adviser
        Colin Harris
      • Artist Showcase
        Sara Felix, Colin Harris
      • Art Show Layout
        Dave Tompkins
      • Art Show Staff
        Carolyn Cooper, Rachel Cummins-Olsen, Julian Heathcock, Christopher Hwang, Barbara Jane, Tim Kirk, Kerry Kuhn, Carol Naylor, No-Jay, Jamie Scott, Smurf
    • Dealers
      Farah Mendlesohn
      • At-Con Liaison
        Noel Collyer
        • Dealers' At-con Minion
          Diane Young
      • Pre-Con Admin
        Ian Jackson
      • Dealers banner design
        Kelly Smith
    • Displays
      Clare Boothby, Farah Mendlesohn, Shana Worthen
      • Academic Poster Session
        Nicholas Jackson
      • Catalogue
        Jude Roberts
      • Costume Exhibit
        Miki Dennis
        • Cosplayer Advisor
          Emily Bastian
      • Chaos Costuming
        Teddy, Barbara Stewart
      • Photography Competition
        David Findlay, Teresa Hehir, Peter Young
      • Guest of Honour Displays
        Tiffani Angus, Serena Culfeather, Jamie Davidson, Verity Glass, David Haddock, Kirsty J Harris, Will Hill and his students from Anglia Ruskin University, Edward James, Ash Mathoora, Meg MacDonald, Farah Mendlesohn, Adam Roberts, Jude Roberts
      • Other Displays Staff
        Kate Ardem, Jessica Guggenheim, Siobhan McVeigh, Karen Dawn Plaskon, Smurf, Liz Sourbut, Alys Sterling
      • The Clute Gardeners at Satellite 4
        Kate, Renta, Margaret, Sandra, Kathryn, Isla, Kathryn-Ashira, Kari, Nic Clarke, Niall Harrison, Ken MacLeod, Grouting and others
      • Other helpers
        Cuddles, Bill Fawcett, Liz Henry, Michael J Lowrey, Jess Nash, Debbie Notkin, Laura Quilter, Vicki Rosenzweig, John Howe (the artwork for the Robin Hobb jigsaws)
  • Facilities Division
    Mike Scott
    • Dep. Division Head
      Theresa (TR) Renner
    • Hotels
      Mark Herrup, Patty Wells
    • ExCeL
      Steve Davies
    • Health and Safety
      Andy Croft, Dave Hicks
    • Catering
      Megan Frank
  • Hospitality Division
    Eemeli Aro
    • Dep. Division Head
      Alison Scott
    • Parties: pre-con
      Johannah Playford
      • Assistant
        Felicity Edwards
      • Catering liaison
        Megan Frank
    • Parties: at-con
      Claire Rousseau
      • Party mavens
        Michael Abbot, Dave Axler, Steven Cain, Julia Daly, Meg Frank, Phil Lowles, Melanie, Robin Stevenson
    • Art and décor
      Richard Wood, Julia Daly, Felicity Edwards, Michael Geoghegan, Raya Golden, Robin Stevenson, Mitch Wood
    • Bandstand
      Robin Stevenson, Johannah Playford
    • Beer
      Misha Sumra, Lia Osborg, Greg Tingey
    • Fan Tables
      Charlotte Laihonen
    • Teen Lounge
      Joss Konrad-Lee, Marianne Cain
    • General Staff
      Noel Collyer, Steven Cain
  • Logistics Division
    Nigel Furlong
    • Deputy Division Head
      Mark Meenan
    • Timeline manager
      Bobbi Armbruster
    • IT Services
      Naveed Khan
      • Staff
        Eamon Patton, Patrick Scholz, Doug Spencer, Stuart Jenkins
    • MIMO and SWAT(Specialists, Workers And Techies)
      • Dock Masters
        Eddie Cochrane
      • Staff and volunteers
        David Allan, Lars Backstrom, Clare Boothby, Robbie Bourget, Warren Buff, Steve Clark, Eddie Cochrane, Noel Collyer, Carolyn Cooper, Richard Crawshaw, Andy Croft, Em Fleming, Jeff Fuller, Sarah Groenwegen, Marya H, Vanessa Harbour, Alison Henderson, Elizabeth J, Stuart Jenkins, Rami Katz, Tim Kirk, Alqua Klak, Marcin Klak, Alex Klesen, So Klesen, Monica Kohli, Rick Kovalcik, Meg MacDonald, Laurie Mann, Alex McLintock, Sam Miah, Ian Murphy, Sini Neuvonen, Lia Olsborg, Roy G Ovrebo, Kristin Page, Corlis Robe, Gary Robe, Isaac Robe, Nick Robe, Roger Robinson, Patrick Scholz, Marguerite Smith, Bob 'NoJay' Sneddon, Liz Sourbut, Edward Strickson, Maura Taylor, Koon To, Dave Tompkins, Valerie Ullin, Heather Urbanski, Kathy Westhead
    • Art Show MIMO
      Noel Collyer
    • Art Show Logistics and Transport
      Dave Thompkins, John Harold
    • Operations
      Pat McMurray
      • Deputy
        Sian Bradshaw, David “DC” Carlile
      • Duty Shift Managers
        Christine Davidson, Sabine Furlong, Steve Lopata, Phil Plumbly, Sarah Shemilt, Gary Stratmann, Nik Whitehead, Mark Young 
      • Staff
        Brigitte Baudinet, Tanika Beckford, Ed Boreham, Seth Breidbart, Sarah Brider, Ali Bux, Carolyn Chang, Nicole Chen, Eddie Cochrane, Noel Collyer, Lucie Coulton, Richard Crawshaw, Margaret Croad, Andy Croft, Trevor Cutler,Todd Dashoff, Michael Davidson, Charlie Divine, Laura Domitz, Mad Elf, Naama Friedman, Marya H, Tom Harris, Joanna Janeczko, Katherine Jay, Maeghan Kearney, Monica Kohli, Guy Kovel, Maria Krasteva, Patrick Lee, Karoliina ‘Karo’ Leikomaa, Steve Lopata, Dave Mansfield, Chris Marble, Robert Maughan, Julie McMurray, Harriet Monkhouse, Neil Morris, Kevin Mortimer, Tony Naggs, Terry Neill, Eva Norman, Chris O'Shea, Andrew Patterson, Helen Pennington,Chantal Perez, Sharon Pierce, Azizur Rahman, James Shields, Neil Simpson, Marguerite Smith, Jaan Eerik Sõmermaa, Richard Stephenson, Linda Stratmann, David Thomas, Jean Thompson, Katherine Tingle, Ann Totusek, Paul Van Oven, Tommy Wareing, Traci Whitehead, Will Wilkinson
    • Procurement
      Judith Lewis
    • Procurement Staff
      Nicole Chen, Marya H, Monica Kohli, Marguerite Smith
    • Shipping and storage
      Mark Meenan
      • US Art Shipping to UK
        Jannie Shea
      • US Shipping to UK
        Rick Kovalcik, Lia Olsborg
      • UK Transport
        Jamie Scott, Bob (NoJay) Sneddon
    • Signage and Print Shop
      Alison Henderson, Tibs
  • Programme Division
    James Bacon
    • Dep. Division Heads
      Liz Batty, Ian Stockdale
    • Programme Manager
      Emma England
    • Programme Areas
      • Academic
        Emma England
        • Advisors
          Farah Mendlesohn, Edward James, Paul March-Russell
        • Ops coordinator
          Helen McCarthy, Ian Nichols, Ernesto Priego
      • Art
        Sara Felix
        • Staff
          Colin Harris, Lisa Konrad, Julie McMurray
      • Comics
        Maura McHugh
      • Costume, Cosplay and Style
        Kevin Roche, Andrew Trembley
        • Staff
          Aurora Celeste
      • Exhibits programme (displays)
        Jessica Guggenheim
      • Fan Activity Tent
        Deborah Fishburn, Ron Gemmell
      • Fan Space Coordinator
        Megan Waples
      • Filk
        Anna Raftery
        • Staff
          Lissa Allcock, Deborah Crook
      • Film
        Louis Savy
      • Gaming
        Esther MacCallum-Stewart
      • Literary
        Nic Clarke, Justin Landon
      • Media
        Niall Harrison
      • Music
        Vincent Docherty
        • Staff
          Emma England, Sanna Lehtonen
        • Advisor
          Gary Lloyd
      • Science
        John Bray, Dave Clements
      • Television
        Mark Slater
      • Traditional Fan Activities
        Carrie Mowatt, Jim Mowatt
      • Transformational Fan Activities
        Emma England
        • Advisors
          Erin Horakova, Anne Kustritz
      • Workshops co-ordinator
        Martin Owton
      • Young Adult
        Peadar Ó Guilín
        • Staff
          Iain Cupples, Erin Underwood
    • Awesome Admin Team
      Naama Friedman, Sanna Lehtonen, Klara Lammers, Esther MacCallum-Stewart, Dawn Plaskon, Gillian Polack
    • Green Room
      Sue Edwards
      • Staff
        Michael Abbott, Square Bear, Gwen Funnell, Anushia Kandasivam, Kari, Tim Kirk, Klara Lammers, Samantha Joseph, Ila Khan, Phil Nanson, Gillian Polack, Heidi van der Vloet, Peter Wareham, Mike Westhead, Anne Wilson
    • Kaffeeklatsches
      Erin Underwood
    • Programme Ops
      Jim Mann, Heather Petty
      • Staff
        Linda Deneroff, Gay Ellen Dennett, Terry Fong, Janice Gelb, Mary Kay Kare, Mike Nelson, Priscilla Olson, Beth Zipser, Mike Zipser
    • Programme Database
      • Software and Interface Mgr
        Henry Balen
      • Software Team
        Martin Easterbrook, Terry Fong, Janice Gelb, Ruth Leibig, Cathy Mullican
    • Programme Staff
      Meredith Branstad, Michael Lee, Sanna Lehtonen, Mike Nelson
    • Publishers Liaison
      Lucija Dačić, Alex Ingram
    • Readings
      Terry Fong
    • Signings
      Dawn Plaskon
      • Staff
        Kelly Buehler, Sarah Goodman, Frank Olynyk, Daniel Spector
  • Promotions Division
    Nicholas Whyte
    • Dep. Division Head
      Paul Taylor
    • P.A Division Head
      Colette Reap
    • North American Agent
      Kathryn Duval
    • European Agents
      • Bulgarian Agent
        Angelina Illieva
      • Croatian Agent
        Mihaela Marija Perković
      • Danish Agent
        Flemming Rasch
      • Dutch Agent
        Paul van Oven
      • Finnish Agent
        Hanna Hakkarainen
      • German Agent
        Ralf Boldt
      • Irish Agent
        Roderick O’Hanlon
      • Norwegian Agent
        Herman Ellingsen
      • Polish Agent
        Marcin Klak
      • Portuguese Agent
        Rogerio Ribeiro
      • Russian Agent
        Irina Lipka
      • Slovenian Agent
        Bojan Ekselenski
      • Swedish Agent
        Carolina Gómez Lagerlöf
      • Ukrainian Agent
        Borys Sydiuk
    • Rest of the World Agents
      • Israeli Agent
        Guy Kovel
      • Japanese Agent
        Jonathan Holmes お問い合わせ(日本語)
      • Singaporean Agent
        Christopher Hwang
    • General Promotions
      • Advertising Coordinator
        Karen (Hypatia)
      • Video Production
        Mark Slater
      • Press Office
        Alison Freebairn
        • Media wranglers
          Kate Berry, Kornel Brzezinski, James De Carteret, Kathryn Duval, Jessica Elgenstierna, Anushia Kandasivam, Steve Lawlor, Sara Passmore, Jo Ramsay
      • Social Media
        Megan Frank
        • Staff
          Will Frank, Keri O'Brien
      • Steampunk Liaison
        Claire Rousseau
  • Publications Division
    Kees van Toorn
    • Dep. Division Head
      Jan van ’t Ent
    • Advertising Sales
      Kees van Toorn
      • US Advertising Sales
        Steven H Silver
    • Publications
      John Coxon
      • Proofing Team
        Claire Brialey, Deb Geisler, Janice Gelb, Dave Haddock, Lynda Manning-Schwartz, Paul Taylor
    • Newsletter
      • Staff
        Zara Baxter, Ang Rosin, Jan van ’t Ent, Sara Weinstein
      • Fan Village Reporter
        Marianne Cain
      • Party Reporter
        Douglas Spencer
    • Restaurant Guide
      Shana Worthen
      • Chief Compiler
      • Staff
        Billy Abbott, Lizzy Allen, Edward James, Martin Petto
    • Souvenir book
      Johan Martijn Flaton
    • General Staff
      Brad W Foster, Dave Haddock, Lynda Manning-Schwartz
  • Services Division
    Carolina Gómez Lagerlöf
    • Accessibility Services
      Lenore Jean Jones
      • Staff
        Edward James, Vanessa May, Sandy Olsen, Bernard Peek, Bill Thomasson
    • Child Care
      Cat Coast
    • Harassment Support Unit
      Britt-Louise Viklund
      • Listeners
        Ryan Alexander, Robbie Bourget, Catherine Crockett, Daniel Franklin,Heidi Lyshol, Nick Wood
    • Information Desk
      Misha Sumra
    • Pre-Con Information
      Zoe Sumra
    • Quartermaster/Office
      Sarah Brider
    • Registration
      Steve Lawson
      • Deputy Area Head
        Kirsti van Wessel
      • Registration Assistant
        Eve Harvey
      • Staff
        Gary P Agin, Robert Klein, Martin Smart, Peter de Weerdt
    • Volunteers
      Petra Bulic

General Volunteers: Margaret Austin, Colin Barker, Andrew Barrett, Nancy Brennan, Komel Brzezinski, Craig Buchanan, Bob Buhr, David Cake, Norman Cates, Erin Horakova, Crystal Huff, Christopher Hwang, Wilf James, Kathy Jay, David Jessop, Manuella Jessop, Michael Lee, Ann Mair, Lisa Marsh, Petrea Mitchell, Eve Norman, Andrew Patton, Chanel Perez, Jo Ramsey, Nicola Robinson, Kelly Roche, Diane Rosenburg, Larry Sanderson, Anna Strokowska, Jessica Styons, Petra Thacker, Tanya Washburn, Rina Weisman, Iain Worrall