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UK hotel accommodation

As described on the hotels page, Loncon 3 has a partnership with Infotel. They are handling the hotel bookings for the convention and will also be pleased to help with booking hotels in other parts of London and throughout the UK.

In addition to the services offered by Infotel, there are a number of hotel chains which cover the UK. These include budget chains such as Travelodge, Premier Inns, Campanile, and Ibis. There are also more premium (though sometimes competitively priced) chains such as Novotel and Ramada as well as groups such as Best Western. The general rule with all of these is that prices are cheaper if booked via the internet and are lower the earlier you book.

There are also many independent hotels, bed and breakfasts (B&Bs), and guest houses (like B&Bs but often offering an evening meal), of many sizes from just the one room upwards. Unlike the chain hotels, which tend to aim to be the same wherever you are, these each have their own character.

Whilst to those in the USA a B&B is often an expensive, artisanal establishment in a rather nice period house, a B&B in the UK is often one of the cheapest places you will find – but do not mistake cheap for poor quality as they are often the best value-for-money around. A B&B is likely to be run by someone who owns a large(r) house and has spare rooms, thus allowing them to run a small business (perhaps as well as having a main job). Typically a B&B will offer you a normal, home-type bedroom, often with an en-suite bathroom; if in any doubt, check the details when you book. B&Bs can be found everywhere from the middle of cities to the far ends of remote valleys, dales, and glens. Whilst a city-centre B&B will probably not be quaint, it is likely to be usefully situated and perfectly adequate.

Many towns and other areas have Tourist Information Centres and these often supply lists of accommodation in their areas; sometimes they will even help you book it. If arriving somewhere and needing accommodation for the night, heading straight to the local Tourist Information Centre is often a good idea.

Even the smallest of places sometimes have web sites, so searching on the Internet can find interesting little places in the remotest of locations. And of course, there are booking sites such as Booking.Com, Expedia, Trip Advisor, and Travelocity, to name but a few. Note that they will only show you hotels that are registered with them!

Remember to enquire about car parking if travelling by car, distance from the station if travelling by rail, and distance from other facilities such as restaurants or the city/town centre.