Workshops of fantastic fun, allegedly

Loncon 3 is a family friendly convention, and WOOFA is a series of workshops planned for children and their parents and guardians which will take place at Loncon 3.

We understand that parents want and need to spend some quality time at a convention with their kids. WOOFA aims to fill that need, providing a programming stream designed with both kids and parents in mind. WOOFA will be enjoyable and educational for all concerned.

There will be a wide range of activities. For example, we hope to have sessions which include making:

We’re also planning on creating Lego Underground Items, experimenting with chemicals, using molten metal to make fighting fantasy figures of Fridge Fairies and more.

The nature of the WOOFA activities will be varied, and we have plans to construct a Police Telephone Box over the weekend as well. Assistance will be welcomed, and off-cuts can be made into trinkets.

These workshops are places where parents can be creative, and part of the fun should include learning with their children or more importantly helping them – whether that’s assisting in tougher tasks such as pouring molten lead, helping to operate machinery or tools, or adding occasional assistance with longer projects.

There will be breaks in between workshops for the team running them, and we will be using various spaces on the ExCeL site that suit the needs of the different workshops.

These workshops are designed such that parents or guardians must be with their children. There will be a separate childcare service available at Loncon 3 for parents who wish to have some time at the convention away from their children.