Young adult

Young adult fiction programme

We’re planning a wonderful series of talks and activities for the Young Adult programme at Loncon 3. YA has long been touted as a source of some of the best creativity in the genres that bring us together for Worldcon every year, and rightfully so! It appeals to both adults and younger readers, and our aim is to do the same by providing items to pique the curiosity and bring out the passion in everybody.

With this in mind, we’ll be following a two-pronged approach: there’ll be a more adult-focused track for those who love to explore the intellectual underpinnings of the works of Philip Pullman, J K Rowling, or Malorie Blackman, as well as programming aimed at teens and older children, where they can discuss with their peers the young adult fiction they love.

Everybody will be welcome and encouraged to express their opinions. Everybody!

Peadar Ó Guilín